We Are Here To Grow With Your Team

This program was designed by public safety divers to solve a problem our industry has long had. DiveCodes and its customizable modules will allow your team to have a reporting system that grows with your team, instead of a system that your team must grow to like!!

Why choose us

Our promise to administrators and team leaders is to deliver a dependable reporting system that provides your team with all the necessary tools to maintain your personnel’s information, qualifications, incident reporting and so much more​…….

Base Module

The base program of DiveCodes is the first step in taking your team into the digital world of record keeping. All your information will be kept on DiveCodes very own secured server to provide you with a stable cloud-based platform. The Base Module will provide your team with the following features:

Personnel’s contact information along with Emergency contact information.​
Certifications with the type, date, and ability to upload picture of the certification.​
Enter annual qualification dates and populate a separate list for easy tracking!
Ability to print built in lists by divers, emails, phone, address, or by years of service.
Attach incident reports that track personnel attendance on scene.
Keep track of training, meetings, and drills all in one place.
Upload team forms and documents into one place
All these features come together in one place to produce a real time resume of your personnel.

Taskforce-Multi Agency Module

This is a standalone platform that was designed and tested by our own dive team and task force. This module brings everything from DiveCodes and adds the ability for multiple agencies to work all in one place.

This platform truly organizes all of your assets, certifications, field operations and takes your taskforce to the next level of working under a unified command system:

Upgrade of any team into this separate platform if a current DiveCodes account exists.​
Up to five teams will receive full access to the DiveCodes base module along with the equipment and reporting modules upgrades. Additional teams can be added, see cost listed below.
The primary team will receive the operations module at no extra cost, individual teams can upgrade to this module for a discounted fee listed below.
Admin has the ability to control visibility of team’s assets and which teams can see each other’s assets.
Excel sheet of team database will be provided within thirty days if service is canceled.


Equipment Module

This module upgrade gives the team the ongoing capability of inputting all equipment and assets into one database. This module upgrade will provide your team with the following features:

Equipment and assets can be set to a physical location or to individual personnel.
Custom names and descriptions.
Service dates and overdue service dates.
In service and out of service status of equipment and assets.
Purchase date and next inspection date.
QR Tracking.
Two custom categories that fit the needs of your team.
Built in checklist with RED indication when gear Out of Service

Reporting & Expense Module

This module activates expense tracking, the ability to send your personnel their own resume that includes all incidents, personal information, certifications, and annual recertification. This module upgrade will provide your team with the following features:

Track incident expenses, upload photos of receipts, and have the ability to print or export the expense report.
Send personnel team records via email or print a PDF directly from DiveCodes.
Produce a customizable annual certificate for team requirements.
Upload additional PDFs and Photos into the incident report.

Field Operations Module

This module allows you to create and start an incident which opens your custom dive log. Once the operation information is entered into the log, the program moves to a customizable diver checklist. Once completed, you can assign personal to the dive operation. From there you can activate the diver by red or green toggle which will tell field operations in real time the status of personnel and who is on the operation. This module upgrade will provide your team with the following features:

Create a custom working dive log for your team.
Customizable diver checklist built into the DiveCodes system.
Activate a diver’s status in real time with red or green command.
Assign personal a number for the operation to help prevent using their name over radios.
Run up to 4 devices in the field during your operation.
Upload up to 5 additional PDF files into the incident report.

Total DiveCodes Package

This option is the entire package to bring your team into the digital world. This module Includes everything listed below with a discounted price for purchasing the system along with a lower start-up cost. This package will provide your team with the following features:

Base program
Equipment module
Reporting Module
Field operations module

SPECIAL ADD-ON: Accountability Module with Bio-Metrics

Can be used for various activities including personnel management/assignment, scene/crime scene log in/log out, staging, or any other discipline where tracking your personnel is a must! This upgrade module gives your team customization ability to make the way YOU do accountability work within the DiveCodes system. This module upgrade will provide your team with the following features:

Scene and/or Crime Scene digital Sign-in/out sheets with the option of Bio-Metrix Fingerprint upgrade
Bio-Metrix fingerprint upgrade for Drills, Meetings, Training, and of course Operations

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