Reporting & Expense Module Up-Grade

This module takes your team to an entirely different level of reporting by giving you the features to export your information from the Divecodes systems. This is the first system that takes the complied information and builds a resume for your team and your divers.

The reporting modules starts by activating the export feature for your divers’ certifications and incidents. Simply go into the personal file and you can find the export diver history feature in the ” Training & Files” tab.

Upload Pictures and Documents

The reporting module activates the attachment feature that allows for PDF and Photos to be added to your incident reports. this feature also provides the ability to print your full report with the option to include attachments.

Keep Track of Annual Recertification and Generate Certificates!

The reporting module will also activate the option to keep track of annual recertifications by red or green feature with the option to print out a certificate of completion.

Track Incident Expenses!!

When you activate the reporting module upgrade it also activates the ability to track expenses and milage all in one place. This feature also provides you the ability to print reports, add photos of receipts, and track personnel expenses. Expenses will also automatically populate to the personal file for easy tracking and reimbursement.

Also Includes Out of Service Indication in Equipment Checklist